Zombier Crawl

Similar to a pub crawl. However with a twist.


Category: Event
Rating: 5/10
Duration: Continuous


Min: 5
Max: 20
Recommended: 8

Things you'll need

  • Pub/Venue


Create a bar crawl map and begin with a few friends. Select one person randomly to be a zombie (Draw from hat, straw, put a dot under a bottle lid choose a lid or anything). If you're a zombie they have the ability to drop a coin into anyone's drink when they're in-contact with the glass. **Become a Zombie: ** They don't finish their drink after coins dropped in Throw up, vomit or pass out. being told of by security Last 1 Left! - If you don't drink with your left hand Drink the wrong drink **Prevent Zombiefication: ** For every 2 minutes after being infected do a shot from the bar To **change pubs**, you have to vote. If more then 50% elect to move, only then can they venture to the next bar. Everyone can vote once per pub. **How to Win**: Do not be a zombie at the end of the last pub. Simple.