Wizard Staff

Put your smashing tinnies to the test


Category: Continuous
Rating: 7/10
Duration: Continuous


Min: 2
Max: 12
Recommended: 4

Things you'll need

  • Cans


A lot of tinnies (cans of beer) are required. Once you start your first tinnie you are now a mage. After each can, tape it to the bottom of your new can (Only using 2 circumferences of tape for each can). This is your Wizard Staff, your level depends on the height of the staff _i.e. 5 cans you level 5 wizard._ **Boss fights** - Every 3 (or 5) cans a boss battle occurs. This is either a type of Shot, Drink, or Dare. Pre decided by the group for the desired levels **Full Wizard** - At level 10 wizard you upgrade from Mage to Full Wizard if passing the Wizards Challenge decided for each individual by the Wizard Council (other wizards, top 3 wizards have final verdict) **Wizard Duel** - Any level 10+ Wizard may challenge any other 10+ Wizard to a duel. They must battle with their staff and nothing else. The first wizard to break their staff, the level is diminished to the longest broken piece. As well as the burden of shame of having an inferior staff **Commanding Voice** - Any level 10+ Wizard can tell any mage under level 3 to do their bidding. Once level 3 is reached the mage is now immune to the commanding voice **Sacred Staff** - If a Wizard's staff breaks due to poor construction or dropping. The Wizard is then demoted to the level of their longest broken piece