What are the Odds

Luck based daring


Category: Continuous
Rating: 9/10
Duration: Quick <10min


Min: 2
Max: 4
Recommended: 3


1. Anyone can challenge anyone to do anything; _“What are the odds you’ll …”_ 2. The victim then replies with a number usually between 2 & 20. 3. (if you select 20, you'll have 5% chance of doing it. So limit it to 20. 10 if you're real champions) 4. Then someone else counts down from 3. 5. and say a number between 1 & the number the victim selected. 6. If their numbers equal the victim has to do it. 7. _i.e. If the victim said 10, they both think of a number between 1 & 10, count down from 3 and say it at same time, if the number is equal the victim then has to do it._ 8. _ _ - If the victim chooses the number 2 (meaning the odds are 50%). If both players don’t get the same number, then the challenger has to do it! - If both numbers said by players add to the selected number chosen by the victim, then the roles are reversed. Victim becomes challenger, challenger becomes the victim. Then a new round is played again with the same challenge.