Sunday Arvo Sessions. Or just day drunk


Category: Event
Rating: 6/10
Duration: Continuous


Min: 4
Max: 20
Recommended: 10

Things you'll need

  • Home/House


A day of nothing planned often forms into a SASH. Just having chilled drinks on a Sunday. However can sometimes need a little bit more "Mphh". It may be hard to get a game going in this chilled state however a few good ones to consider that go for a while, don't require 100% attention all the time and people can jump in and out; Black Out Board - A great group game that can last an afternoon and create amazing memories. Easy to have an intermission. Drinking Jenga - A crowd favourite, simple and easy to start and stop Drunk Twister - More physical, get the body moving Monopoly - If you really want to Bowl Of Death - Great group game and extremely fun Fear Pong - Add a little bit more effort into your Beer Pong on a Sunday Sesh Spartan / Centurion - In for a long day, why not complete a challenge? Back to Back - Great game if you got a bunch of people and some new friends Sunday seshes are definitely not limited to these few. These are just some we've selected. Let us know!