Road Trip

Add some spice to your road trips


Category: Event
Rating: 8/10
Duration: Continuous


Min: 3
Max: 20
Recommended: 8


If you're going on a trip or got a long drive to a party here are some awesome ideas to spice things up. - Teams - If you have multiple cars split the groups into teams Car V Car. If it's a single vehicle either every man for themselves or pair up. Each team needs to come up with a name before the first stop. If you haven't thought of a name other teams have the right to name your team by sticking a name to the car going un-noticed. - Objectives - Before the trip create a list of objectives and tasks to be completed. Each task can have a point score. i.e. Get on Radio, climb a 10m tree, Best photo with an animal, 1 point for every sticker slap, 5 points for each team member to nudie swim, best licking video.... be creative - Most tasks require evidence so must be recorded either, filmed or videoed. This helps heaps when editing a video of the event - Rules - Basically don't be a dick and keep correct score. Have online notes such as Google Keep or Ever Note. To keep track of teams, score and any other rules. Have rules that go over the hole event can be kept in their. Some examples; No saying the word truck, Can't talk about work, No swearing, Left hand only, All for one (When one person shots, everyone shots), Everyone can make everyone do a shot once during the trip