Pyramid Pong

Beer Pong, on another level


Category: Long
Rating: 9/10
Duration: Long ~1hr


Min: 2
Max: 12
Recommended: 8

Things you'll need

  • Cups
  • Ping Pong Ball (Like object)


Setup 10 cups filled full with a drink. On top make half fill another 6 and make a triangle on top of the previous 10. Then another 3 a triangle 1/3 filled with a drink on top of the 6. Then 1 on top filled with a shot. Make this on either side of the table 1. Each team stand on opposing sides of the table behind their cups 2. Teams take turns attempting to throw the balls into the opponent's cup. Each team gets one throw per turn 3. If a cup has sunk that team must drink that cup. If a cup is sunk and falls into another cup, both cups are drunk 4. The first team without cups loses! **Additional Rules** - **NO Re-rack** - **NO Bounce shots** - **NO Ball back** - **NO Celebrity throw** - **NO Island** - **NO Blow & Finger**