Pub Golf

This is a drinking game


Category: Event
Rating: 8/10
Duration: Continuous


Min: 4
Max: 25
Recommended: 10

Things you'll need

  • Pub/Venue


Plan a pub crawl to 9 or 18 pubs, depending on how crazy you are! As the host you pre-assign a drink to each hole (pub)_ i.e. a shot, pint, mixed drink, etc..._ 1. Everyone must be in golf attire. Then as a group start at hole 1 and complete that drink. Depending on how many sips it takes someone to finish, that’s their score _i.e. skull it = +1 stroke, take 3 sips = +3 strokes_ 2. Have a score card where you can write everyone's score down as you go between holes 3. Some additional strokes; 4. +1 stroke = Spilling a drink 5. +1 stroke = Breaking a _hazard rule_\* 6. +2 strokes = Falling down 7. +2 strokes = Being refused a drink or kicked out of a bar 8. +5 strokes = Cheating 9. Person with lowest score at the end of the course is the golf champion! \*_add hazards at some holes to make it more interesting; Water – No toilet breaks, Sand – No Sitting, Buffalos – Left hand only, Gentleman’s Green – No swearing, pointing or names. Or make up your own!_