Presidents & Asshole

Somewhat strategy game to make you drink


Category: Long
Rating: 7/10
Duration: Quick <10min


Min: 2
Max: 8
Recommended: 4

Things you'll need

  • Card Deck


Deal out all the cards. The goal is to be first to play all your cards. Card ranks go; 3 to Ace and to 2s being the trump card. 1. The person with 3 of clubs starts 2. Going clockwise each player must play the same or higher number. 3. If pairs, triples, or quads are played everyone after must match that number of cards 4. If you pass you're out for that round and must drink. 5. If you're the last person left or play a 2 you win that round. The pile is wiped and you can start a new round. 6. First-person with no cards is President. The last person with cards is an asshole 7. The asshole is in charge of collecting cards, shuffling, and dealing. 8. If anyone touches their cards before the president they drink. 9. The asshole must give the 2 best cards to the president and the president can give the asshole any 2 cards 10. The asshole is also in charge of wiping the deck if no one can play or if there's a 2, for every second they take they must drink