There’s been a lot of online parties recently. Rather then be against them we decided to embrace them! So here are a few tips & games for an online party

Online Games

  • Firstly; I’m not explaining the rules of the games, just the online adaption. I’m assuming you know the rules. If not you can see some of our previous posts of games or google it
  • Secondly; some of these games may require a Host/Mediator. Someone controlling the main game screen or be physically engaging 
  • Thirdly; All these will require an online chatting service of some sort my personal favourit is Jitsi because you just need to send a link. but here are some options; Jitsi, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Chat & some others can work however some require screen share.

Kings! … Kings?

Yes my fellow drinking enthusiasts King of Beers, Ring of Fire, Kings Cup, Kings or Whatever fabulous name you have for it is still possible!

Someone is selected as mediator and shares their screen (A camera setup of cards could work to).
Then goto ( It’s an online kings we made. 
The mediator then creates an order and on each persons turn asks them which card to select.

You’d surprise how well some kings rules adopt online. We’ll shortly update this site so there’s specific online rules! (Comment below if you’d be keen?) 

Live Horse Races

A great game with a group of ANY size! even just to do a live event and have people tune in on Facebook or Instagram.

The host/mediator sets the game up and is commentator. And then you just play!
Take bets on which horse(suit) everyone bets on in chat. Don’t forget to name the horses with some fun names to make it more engaging. Having a charismatic entertaining host makes all the difference.

Some general rules I have;
1. First person to bet on a suit gets to name it
2.Every 2nd race the last horse is eliminated and a new one comes in (Rename the suit)
3. If a joker is flipped over, ALL horses reset to the last flipped over side card 

Live Entertainment with Commentary 

Like horse races it’s really easy having betting games on anything, Mold this to anything your group likes! Just screen share and start!

An Example:
Diecast Rally – This is a video series of toy cars racing. Actually ridiculously entertaining!

The Host screen shares the video.
Play the video so you see the contenders then pauses.
Everyone places bets in chat who will win. i.e. 3 sips on contender A
When the host is ready plays the race.
They’re best of 3 races, so can pause between races to swap up bets.

Remember being an entertaining commentator makes the difference! Have fun with it, talk about what you think the contenders are like get creative make up a crazy story.


Any animal racing, Cheese racing, Ninja Warrior (if they’ll make it or not), Penalty shoot outs… seriously anything! be creative.

Shout Out to Lolly with this genius idea!

Drunken Artist

Similar to Pictionary.

  1. Someone is selected to be the artist and the another the timer

  2. The timer privately messages something for the artist to draw. In 5 seconds the artist must start

  3. The rest of the group must try to guess the picture while the timer times

  4. If someone guesses correctly within a minute the timer must drink the time divided by 10 i.e. 43 seconds = 4 drinks
    The person who guessed correctly can also give out those drinks to someone

  5. If no one guesses the artist drawing the artist must drink 6

It’s easier on phones where you can direct the camera at a piece of paper. Otherwise pinning up a piece of paper or using a white board infront of your camera works well to

Battle Shots

Similar to Battle Ships… but with shots, and up to 5 players.

  1. Each player sets up two 7×7 grids and marks the columns A-F & rows 1 – 7. One grid for marking your ships, and the other for marking where you’ve shot.
    Then place 5 ships (sizes = 2, 3, 3, 4, 5) on one of your grids.

  2. Have turns taking shots at other players. Shots per turn = #Players – 1
    i.e. 5 players = 4 shots per turn
    Players can decide how they will distribute their shots amongst the group
  3. If your ship gets hit you have to do a shot! (You don’t go again if you hit a target) 


Have Fun! But be Mic-full

Everyone’s there to have fun so do that! Although internet isn’t always the best friend. So if you don’t have much to say or your laughing could be disturbing everyone else just mute yourself. ALTHOUGH know one likes that person standing behind the house plant eavesdropping on the convo!

Schedule & Segments

If you plan this in advance each person could setup a game or segment. Some segments we had to between our games;

  • Someone dressing up as a news commentator and created slide presenttion: “Everything going on in the world… that’s not Corona”. It was ridiculously entertaining!
  • Trivia Section. There’s a lot of platforms that allow you to create your own trivia and have people sign in live and join in i.e. Kahoot. This allows you to custom the questions completely so you can have a lot of fun with it.

Group Up

If possible having multiple people on one screen is a lot of fun! Ideally between 2-4 people. More then that gets a bit difficult to input into chat…they should just consider having a mini party.

If there’s 3+ people they should have 2 devices; a Host screen and a screen of them. It makes for a good group host experience. 

Get Into It

Loosen up & get involved! you’re there to have fun and so is everyone else. Do something silly; Make a themed party, or dress up, have contests like funniest hat goes first, silliest object on screen is king.

You can do a lot of things at home! I believe in you to think of something.

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