Drink to find out more


Category: Mini
Rating: 7/10
Duration: Quick <10min


Min: 4
Max: 12
Recommended: 8


1. One person selects someone in the group and asks them a question quietly about someone in the group 2. _i.e. Who do you think is the cutest? who has the most annoying laugh? ..._ 3. They then answer with the person's name aloud 4. The named person can then start bidding with drinks to find out what the question was and the person who answered can try to defend it 5. The person who bets the highest has to drink their bet. If the person named bets highest the question must be told _i.e. person selected(PS): “I’ll do 3 drinks”. Answerer(A): “Nahh, I’ll do 5”. PS: “I’ll finish the rest!”. A: “nah, nah, nah, I’ll do 2 shots”_