One Round & You're Fucked

This is a drinking game


Category: Long
Rating: 9/10
Duration: Medium ~20min


Min: 4
Max: 8
Recommended: 5

Things you'll need

  • Card Deck


Place 3 rows of 4 cards and a top row with 1 card all face down. Deal the remaining cards to the players. 1. Starting from the bottom left of face-down cards flip the card over. 2. If a player has a card that matches the value OR position of that card, they can place their card and give that many drinks. 3. _i.e. the first card is flipped is 8 of clubs. If any player has an 8 they can put it down and give 8 seconds OR if a player has an Ace (representing position 1) they can give a drink. 5th card is flipped (first card 2nd row) is a Jack, any player with a jack or a 5 can give 11 or 5 seconds respectively_ 4. Any player can count the seconds for whoever has to drink. Can count as slow or as fast as they like. If someone finishes their drink before their count is over the counter must finish their drink. 5. Whatever card was assigned to a player that player can pick up and use later_ on_