Movie Night

Watch a movie have fun and be drunk afterward


Category: Event
Rating: 2/10
Duration: Long ~1hr


Min: 2
Max: 8
Recommended: 6

Things you'll need

  • Home/House


When watching a movie there are usually rules online that you can drink to for each movie. However when you're watching a new movie some times it's hard to keep up with all the rules. So simplify it or have each person remember a couple and when they point it out they don't have to drink. Also the Mustache game is fun to add to he mix. It's also fun to go to the movies with some beers or vodka. However whatever you bring in you must finish. If you have any toilet breaks you must do a shot after the movie. You can come up with unique rules i.e. Everyone selects a character they drink when they're screened, if you laugh/scare/cry you drink, Really fun to go in sober and come out wasted.