A murder mystery-style game that gets incredibly intense. No drinking, fun drunk though


Category: Long
Rating: 7/10
Duration: Long ~1hr


Min: 5
Max: 12
Recommended: 7

Things you'll need

  • Card Deck


A narrator is selected to... narrate the game. Cards are taken out of the decks equal to the number of players. Minimum cards required; King, Queen, Jack, 2x face cards. Each player is given a card and kept hidden. The rules of each card are; **Face Card** - Pleb, you're an average citizen **Jack **- Sherif, Can find out if someone is mafia each night **Queen **- Doctor, Can save someone each night **King **- Mafia, can kill someone each night **Ace **- Assassin, can kill someone once The bigger the group is different cards are added to mix it up. Cards added in order starting from first initial 5; King, Queen, Jack, (face card), (face card), King, (face card), Ace, (face card), Jack, (face card), King ... _The aim of the game is to eliminate all Mafia before they eliminate all citizens _ 1. Once everyone has a card the narrator tells everyone to go to sleep (close their eyes) because it's nighttime 2. Then asks Mafia (Ace) to awake (open their eyes). They silently select a player to murder/eliminate. After they've chosen they go back to sleep 3. Then asks Doctor (Queen) to awake and choose someone to save. Then back to sleep 4. Then the Sherif(s) to chose someone to find out if someone if mafia. Whoever they point at the narrator tells them silently yes (they are mafia) or no (they aren't) 5. If there are Assassins they'd be woken up and each has a choice to murder someone or not 6. The narrator tells everyone to wake up because it's morning and tells everyone if there were any murders. Not giving away anything! Even if someone was murdered but saved the narrator would say only that not giving away any names. If a player is murdered they reveal their card and are out and can not say anything! 7. Players then discuss who they believe the mafia could be 8. After a time the narrator elects someone to begin the voting. Whoever gets the most votes reveals their card and is out of the game. 9. Steps 1 - 8 are then repeated until no mafia or citizens are left