Kings (Action)

Kings with a lot more movement


Category: Long
Rating: 8/10
Duration: Long ~1hr


Min: 3
Max: 12
Recommended: 6

Things you'll need

  • Vessel
  • Card Deck


1. Sit in a circle around a vessel. Place the cards around the vessel face down so they circle it 2. One person begins by selecting a card and completing the cards rule as a group (Rules for each card below) 3. _If they break the circle they must finish their drink_ 4. Then go clockwise around circle repeating step 2 5. Once the 4th king has been taken that person must finish the vessel and the game is over ### Card Rules _Note when you drink it should be a good swig! none of this sipping BS_ - Ace - A & B - 2 - Gremlin: You have to sit under the table until the next Gremlin - 3 - Lick Head: - 4 - Floor is Lava: Last person standing on their chair drinks (or Gremlin) - 5 - Gecko: Last person flat on a surface (floor or wall), drinks - 6 - Security Guard: You are now security guard. At anytime you can point at someone and say "Get down Mr. President". Everyone must then tackle the 'President'. Last person to tackle/join the pile has to drink. (Used once per security guard) - 7 - Heaven: Last person to touch the roof/ highest point, drinks - 8 - Mate: Last pair hugging or the person left un-hugged, drinks - 9 - Dance: Start a dance move, the person to your left copies and adds one move. Keep going around the circle until someone stuffs up. They, drink - 10 - Push ups: Do 10 push ups. Next 10 do 20. Then 30, then 40. If you fail you drink (knee push ups allowed) - Jack - Rule - Queen - Chameleon: Last person to put both hands and feet on a vertical pole (chair/table leg, pole), drinks - King - Vessel: add to the vessel, last king drinks it