House Party

Houses are where all the good shit happens


Category: Event
Rating: 8/10
Duration: Continuous


Min: 8
Max: 25
Recommended: 16

Things you'll need

  • Home/House


**Before** - Some order; The house doesn't need to be 'clean' just tidy. To keep everything under control and make it easier to clean after - Valuables; All valuables to be stored away safely or protected - Cleaning supplies; Some rags should be made for easy access, encase. Toiletries should also be replenished - Snacks & Punch; Some sort of food should be present even for a little bit. Chips & dip, anything. Go the distance and make a communal punch for those cheapos **During** - Ambiance; Correct mood should ensue. Have music and good lighting. Both help significantly - Decorations; Is it themed? birthday? an event? If you're going to the effort of having a house party put a little into decoration. It'll go a long way - Photos; Memories might not last forever, but photos are always a funny thing to wake up to! Everyone has a phone so try to get some - Socialize; Someone you don't know... Go say something! it's literally a party **After** - Be nice; Not your party, Thank whoever it was - Clean up; Clean up whatever you can. Your party crashed there or even just left. Pick up something and throw it out. A little goes a long way - Post; After the event post photos, or let everyone know you actually had fun