Hottest 100

An Aussie yearly game


Category: Event
Rating: 7/10
Duration: Continuous


Min: 2
Max: 25
Recommended: 10

Things you'll need

  • Home/House


Every year Triple J has a countdown of the previous year's top 100 songs rated by Aussie youth. So why not make a game out of it! 1. Everyone must vote for their top 10 songs prior to the event 2. Once the countdown begins if your song is played you can give a drink. 3. To make it more interesting have different levels of drinks depending on where in the 100 it lands; 4. 100 - 80: 1 drink 5. 79 - 60: 3 drinks 6. ... (And so on. Be creative!) This game can work with any countdown. If someone forgot to vote officially they must finish a drink to enter the countdown