Horse Races

A drinking betting game


Category: Quick
Rating: 7/10
Duration: Quick <10min


Min: 2
Max: 20
Recommended: 10

Things you'll need

  • Card Deck


_One person is selected as the commentator (not necessary but ideal. The more lively the commentator the greater the game)_ 1. Layout 5 face-down cards on a Y-axis & the 4 aces face up on the X-axis 2. Go around asking everyone to bet a number of drinks on a suit _i.e. 4 drinks on Spades_ 3. After everyone has placed a bet start flipping cards over on the deck 4. Whatever suit is flipped that corresponding ace moves 1 position up the y-axis 5. If all aces have reached the first position. the 1st card on the y-axis is flipped. Whatever suit it is that ace moves back 1 position. 6. Do this for each level the aces reach 7. The ace that makes it off the grid (gets 6 suits flipped) is the winner. Whoever bet on that ace can give their drinks, everyone else must drink their bets