Hey jack

Everyone gets a turn of being the dominator


Category: Long
Rating: 8/10
Duration: Long ~1hr


Min: 2
Max: 16
Recommended: 8

Things you'll need

  • Card Deck


1. One person starts off as dominator and gets half the deck 2. From the top, they start flipping cards over as fast as they like 3. For everyone else, there are only 4 rules to start with and each player must do it as quickly as possible; 4. Jack - Right hand up & say 'hey jack' 5. Queen - Touch your body sensually 6. King - Both hands on head as a crown 7. Ace - Right hand on the table 8. The dominator can then give out drinks to 1 to 3 players, after each card with a rule is played for any reason _i.e. You were the slowest drink 2, your crown is terrible to have 1 or you looked at me funny (you're dominator have fun with it)_ 9. However. If someone doesn't agree with the dominator's drinks assignment to them they can call "False". Then going clockwise each person can agree and say "false" but if one person says "true" everyone before them who said "false" has to drink as well. If everyone says "false" the dominator has to finish their drink 10. After the dominator has flipped their half of the deck they can add a new rule. Adding a rule to a card or just a general rule _i.e. 6 is now the floor is lava OR No swearing_ 11. The other half of the deck is then given to the next player. If both halves have been used, reshuffle and re-split