Fridge to Fridge

A house crawl emptying each fridge


Category: Event
Rating: 9/10
Duration: Continuous


Min: 6
Max: 25
Recommended: 12

Things you'll need

  • Home/House


Plan a route between 3 to 5 people's houses. The more houses you have the more intense it is 1. Each house fills up their fridge with alcohol and if they want, some snacks. All supplies can either be paid for in a group kitty or entry into each house 2. Then start at the first house. Only leaving as a group once the fridge has been emptied! Then proceeding to next house 3. The game has been completed when all fridges have been emptied


  • Add games or tasks to be done at each house
  • Have captain(s) for each house that when in their domain they call the shots
  • Split up into teams and have races between houses or mini-game events at each house
  • Add wheels: Bikes, scooters or skateboards if near proximity. Or get buses and trains for a larger excursion. Don't be afraid to explore!
  • Add stops like parks and beaches to enjoy the scenery or have mid way stops