Finger Cup

Guessing fingers game


Category: Mini
Rating: 8/10
Duration: Quick <10min


Min: 3
Max: 8
Recommended: 5

Things you'll need

  • Vessel


1. Place a large cup in the center and everyone adds a bit of their drink into it 2. Then everyone places a finger on the cup 3. One person starts by counting down from 3 4. On 1 everyone can choose to either take their finger off or leave it on the cup, 5. at the same time the person who counted down says a number between 0 & the number of players 6. If the number is the same as the fingers left on the cup they must say with a straight face "Thank you for a lovely game of finger cup". Then they are out of the game 1. If they make any emotion before they say this then they are still in the game 7. Go around the circle each person taking turns to count down. Last person standing... gets to drink the cup. Yay!