Drinking Jenga

Or Tipsy tower. Jenga with some additional rules


Category: Quick
Rating: 7/10
Duration: Medium ~20min


Min: 2
Max: 8
Recommended: 4

Things you'll need

  • Home/House


You need Jenga & a sharpie. It's basically the same as traditional Jenga however add a rule to each block. There are 54 blocks! So be creative. Alternatively we have listed a few below. (Thanks to [backyard games](https://www.backyard.games/board-and-card-games/jenga-drinking-game/).) Don't forget when building the tower, have the blocks with rule face down so no one can sneak peak at what they're getting. 1 to 5. You drink (5) Blocks – Drink 1, Drink 2, Drink 3, Drink 4, Drink 5. 6 to 10. They drink (5) Blocks – Give 1, Give 2, Give 3, Give 4, Give 5. 11\. Ladies drink – Big drink for the women. 12\. Gentlemen drink – Big drink for the guys. 13\. 2 truths, 1 lie – If the players guess the lie you drink, otherwise they drink. 14\. British accent – Speak with the accent for the rest of game (drink 1 per slip). 15\. Arm wrestle – See if the player to the left is stronger (loser drinks). 14 to 16. Make a rule blocks – This rule will be enforced for the game (1 drink per slip). 17\. Young buck – Youngest person in room drinks. 18\. Old man card – Oldest person in the rooms drinks. 19\. The Real Slim Shady – Will you stand up for rest of game. 20\. Kings Cup – Everyone pours booze into a cup and you drink it. 21\. Slap that butt – Go around in the circle as everyone slaps your butt hard. 22\. Higher education – Take 1 drink for every year of post secondary education. 23\. Sibling love – Take 1 drink for every brother or sister you have. 24\. Thumbs – Put your thumb to the table last person to do this drinks. 25\. Phat Booty – Give a drink to the person with best booty in the room. 26\. Nameless – Nobody can say your name for the rest of the game or they drink. 27\. X rated – Say the name of the last adult film you watched. 28\. Rock scissors paper – Take 1 drink for each win and give 1 drink each for loss. 29\. Sadly Single – All single players take 1 drink 1 each. 30\. Kids Card – All players with kids need to have 1 drink each per kid. 31 to 32. Bartender Blocks – Take a moment and refill everyone’s drink. 33\. Left Switch – Drink with your left hand for the game (1 drink per slip). 34\. Sir Slams a Lot – Finish your drink and yell cheers. 35\. Waterfall card – Start drinking and everyone must follow till you stop. 36\. Muggsy Bogues- Shortest person drinks. 37\. Tall tale – Tallest person drinks. 38\. Sobriety test – Soberest person has 4 drinks. 39\. Drunkard – Punish the drunkest person with a nasty shot. 40\. Fast food junkie – last person who ate a fast food burger drinks. 41\. Kanye West – You must refer to yourself in third person or drink each time. 42\. Made you blink – Challenge someone to stare down first one to blink drinks. 43\. Gummers – No showing your teeth for the rest of the round or drink each time. 44\. Say cheese – Give away 1 drink for each food with cheese item you can say in 10 seconds. 45\. Hashtag – You must say hashtag #before #each #word #until #your #next #turn. 46\. Cartwheel challenge – Pull a semi decent cartwheel and everyone else drinks. 47\. Spilly talker – last (or next) person to spill any drinks 1. 48\. Vegan card – All the non-meat eaters must take 1 drink. 49\. Cellphoneless – Next person to look at their phone drinks. 50\. Cast of Friends – Can you name 8 of the cast from friends in 15 seconds or drink? 51\. Text a random – Text a random person a random funny message. 52\. 4 Eyes – All people with glasses must have a drink. 53\. Cute couples – Any happy couples must have 2 drinks each. 54\. Dizzy bat – Spin around 10 times as fast as you can.