Cross the Bridge (2 player)

A very drunk cross the bridge adaption


Category: Quick
Rating: 9/10
Duration: Quick <10min


Min: 2
Max: 2
Recommended: 2

Things you'll need

  • Card Deck


1. Place 1 card face down, then an object (the metaphorical bridge) then another card face down 2. The first player places a coin/bottle cap on a card they believe will be royal (J, Q, K). If they're correct the punishment is doubled. If they aren't then they drink. If it's an ace, they drink double. 3. The second player is then going to try and flip the cards without getting a royal. 4. Jack - drink 1 & add 1 card back to bridge 5. Queen - drink 2 & add 2 cards back to the bridge 6. King - drink 3 & add 3 cards back to the bridge 7. Ace - Other player drinks 4 8. Every time crossing the bridge the second player has to drink 9. After the first player has made it, the players rotate 10. Then that's round 1. Put 2 cards on either side of the bridge for round 2 and each time the player crosses the bridge they must drink 2. Then for round 3, 3 cards. Round 4, 4 cards... and so on. Sound easy? I dare you to make 5 rounds.


  • Start a pile of a card deck at home with decks that have missing/damaged cards. Creating a crazy deck. This deck can then be used for these type games