Coin Footy

This is a drinking game


Category: Quick
Rating: 7/10
Duration: Quick <10min


Min: 2
Max: 6
Recommended: 4


2 people sit at either end of the table. Each takes a turn to hit a coin 3 times from their edge trying to get it so it is just overlapping the edge of the table. If a player gets it to the edge they then get a turn trying to flick the coin in the air and catching it with the same hand they flicked it. If caught that's a point. Scoring a point allows you to spin the coin and try to catch it with your thumbs. When caught the other player makes a goal post with their hands. The player with the coin between their thumbs then has to try flicking it through the goalposts for an additional 4 more points. If the coin falls off the table that player drinks. Every point is a drink you can give to the other player.