Bowl of Death

This is a drinking game


Category: Long
Rating: 9/10
Duration: Long ~1hr


Min: 6
Max: 14
Recommended: 8

Things you'll need

  • Pen & Paper


Everyone writes 3 - 8 names on pieces of paper. Names can be any character (fiction/non-fiction)most people would know _i.e. Donal Trump, Homer SImpson, Scooby-Doo, Your mates mum, Eric Cartmen, Lance Armstrong, Ryan Reynolds..._ All bits of paper are then put in a bowl/hat. The group is split into teams (Either 2 or 3 depending on player quantity). Select teams by going around the circle, so team players aren't sitting next to each other. 1. A player starts with the bowl. A timer begins with 1 minute. 2. The player then takes out a name one at a time. If they know the name they can't put it back and have to play 3. They have to try to describe the character to their team. the moment the team guesses correctly the player can get another name. 4. At the end of the minute, however many names the player got is their score and is added to the teams total. 5. The bowl is then passed to the left (next player) 6. After all the characters have been successfully guessed. That's the end of **round 1**. 7. All the names are then put back into the bowl. 8. **Round 2** is the same concept except instead of describing its charades. If a round is ended mid-way through someone's turn the timer is paused. 9. **Round 3**, same again. Except. Only 1 word per character! The moment you say a word you can't use any other word! _i.e. "Yellow" - for Homer Simpson_.