Beer Pong

Oldy but a goldy. Throwing balls into cups


Category: Long
Rating: 7/10
Duration: Medium ~20min


Min: 2
Max: 8
Recommended: 4

Things you'll need

  • Cups
  • Ping Pong Ball (Like object)


Setup 10 cups in a triangle formation at either end of the table. and filled 1/3 with drink. 1. Each team stand on opposing sides of the table behind their cups 2. Teams take turns attempting to throw the balls into the opponents cup. Each player on a team gets to throw per turn. (Elbows Behind table) 3. If a cup is sunk that team must drink that cup 4. First team without cups looses! **Additional Rules** - **Re-rack - **A team can call "Rerack" once per game were they can re-arrange the remaining cups into any shape they choose - **Bounce shots - ** means they lose 2 cups; they can score on a bounce. However after a bounce the defending team can hit it away - **Ball back -** If you throw the ball and you get it back before it falls of table, you can do a trick shot _i.e. behind back_ - **Celebrity throw** - A player can choose someone to make a throw for them.. However cannot be last cup **Advanced** - **Island -** If there’s a single cup not touching the rest a player can call island ONCE, and if you get it into the selected cup they lose 2 cups. If it's another cup it doesn't count - **Blow & Finger** - If there are both boys & girls playing. When a ball is spinning in a cup, before it hits the water a girl can blow it out. A boy can use 1 finger to try and finger it out - **Redemption -** When one team wins the other team can call redemption, if they get the rest of the cups in without missing (each player can throw until they miss) a re-match begins with 3 cups aside, if not they drink the rest of the cups.  - **Slap back -** if they bounce it and you slap it back into their cup, they take 2 cups. However if they catch it before falling of table then they can have a trick shot - **Insta-Win -** If a player sinks the ball in an opposing teams filled cup that they're holding that team instantly wins!