This is a drinking game


Category: Quick
Rating: 8/10
Duration: Quick <10min


Min: 2
Max: 8
Recommended: 4

Things you'll need

  • Card Deck


1. Everyone is dealt 3 cards and one card is flipped over in the middle 2. One person starts by putting a card on top of the flipped-over card and saying the total value of the cards summed. Then drawing a card 3. Each player takes turns placing a card onto the pile and saying the new total sum of cards in the center and redrawing a card (so they always have 3 cards) 4. if the sum is divisible by 10 _(i.e. 20, 30, 40)_ They can give that many seconds to whoever they like _(40 = 4 seconds). _However, 70 is 10 seconds 5. Royals have different rules; Jack = Reverse direction, Queen = -10 from total, King = Any number you like _(So it could be up to 65 and you can say 97 or 11) _& Ace = +/- 1 6. First person to get to or above 99 as the total looses! and has to play Cross the Bridge (1 player)